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Translation Services

We only translate two types of documents.

1) Academic translations: Short literature pieces (no books), essays, articles from newspapers and magazines, college papers, grammar lessons, instructions, etc.

2) Personal documents: Letters, cooking recipes, cards, messages, etc.

No legal and no medical translations are offered, but a referral can be given.

Submitting a document

1) Scan and send a PDF document to:

2) Specify in an e-mail your “flexible” dead line.

3) After analyzing the type of document, length and complexity, we will send you an invoice with a quote to make the payment directly through Pay Pal or credit card.

4) Once ready, we will send you an e-mail with the translated material that you will review. If any mistake is detected, we will correct it and send you a final version.

Digital Contract for Translations

Our translation team is committed to providing quality translations crafted by experienced human professionals.

We charge approximatively $15.00 dollars per page, around 250 words. It all depends on the grammatical and syntactical structure, use of technical or complex terms and other factors. The minimum work is one page.

Delays are possible although rarely. Don’t submit any documents that may cause you great hardship if delayed, or that is highly time sensitive.

We don’t provide design services. Materials are sent to customer by regular e-mail. If any questions, contact us at:


Star Learning today. For more information contact me at:

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