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Our Philosophy

We believe that learning Spanish should not only be an interesting experience but a fun one as well. Our goal is to build a friendly environment for learning, one that allows the students to express their needs and ideas with no fear of mistakes. We create opportunities to share not only the academics of the language but its beauty, its soul, its true meanings, and the incredible culture that goes hand in hand with the language. We include as many Hispanic references as possible; authors, actors, movies, and anecdotes in order to make the class tangible. We are very proud of being a Hispanic-native speakers who love our language and culture and who want to share that extraordinary experience to anyone who wishes to learn. Learning any language, in this case Spanish, not only improves our neurological connections, but also our emotional center, because it is the portal by which the student can enter into a new reality and become more conscious of other points of view. As more than 400 million people in the world speak Spanish, the student may develop a wider understanding of the world, may encounter more job opportunities and perhaps even acquire new friends that they may have never met, nor even been aware. Technology has enable us with fantastic possibilities! We welcome you as part of this adventure.


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