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Is Spanish easy to learn?

Is Spanish Hard to Learn?

I work at an international school where students choose the additional language they want to learn and Spanish is one of the options. Since they know that I speak it, students often ask me: “is Spanish hard to learn?”

Learning Spanish in the 21st century has become popular, so I guess you want to know the answer yourself.

Keep reading to find out if learning Spanish as a second language is difficult. I’ll tell you how hard it is to learn Spanish or how hard it may be in your case and why.

Is Spanish Easy to Learn?

Yes and no. It depends.

It depends on their mother tongue and the languages you already know. It’s easier to learn a language that is similar to the one(s) you already speak. You encounter similar vocabulary, word order, sounds, and alphabet.

Let’s get into the most interesting findings and explore how hard Spanish is for English speakers, for Filipinos, and for speakers of Hindi and Arabic.

Is Spanish Hard to Learn for English Speakers?

Spanish is actually one of the easiest languages to learn for an English speaker. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you’ll learn it effortlessly. You still need to find your motivation, but the odds are on your side. Why?

First of all, both languages use the same Latin alphabet. (Try learning Russian and you’ll know what I mean.) Spanish pronunciation is straightforward.

Second, English and Spanish have common roots. They both come from the Proto-Indo-European family, although they went different ways.

English joined the Germanic family and Spanish is a Romance language, but they still share lots of common history. For this reason, you’ll encounter many cognates—words that are spelled in a similar or identical way and have the same meaning.

credits to : Spanish Academy

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