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Take your Spanish to another level, start learning today.

Our Philosophy

We believe that learning Spanish should not only be an interesting experience but a fun one as well. Our goal is to build a friendly environment for learning, one that allows the students to express their needs and ideas with no fear of mistakes. We create opportunities to share not only the academics of the language but its beauty, its soul, its true meanings, and the incredible culture that goes hand in hand with the language.


The Founder

My name is Mary Bueno. I was born in Mexico City and graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), with a degree in Journalism and Communication Science. I worked there as a TA, in the School of Journalism, in Mexico City. When I was offered a professor position at the University, I couldn’t take it because I was engaged to be married and had plans to move the United States.


We settled in Alameda, California and I found a position as a journalist at KDTV Channel 14, for a live Spanish morning news-show called: AL DIA.  I left KDTV to run the Spanish program for children and adults at the Alameda Multicultural Community Center, where I had students from diverse backgrounds and a variety of ages. By that time, I already had two little daughters, who were also my students and bilingual.

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Don Ho

Former Student at Chabot College

Mary Bueno has been an excellent teacher who continues to help guide me in all things pertaining to the Spanish language. She is very patient, thorough, inspiring and encouraging in my study of the Spanish language. She made learning an entertaining process.


In time, our classroom work expanded into exploration of elements of Latin American culture, history, art and society. It has led me to more

travels than I could have dreamt of.


You too will discover an enriching learning experience is ahead of you

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